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Product Manager / Growth, Loyalty, eCommerce, Payments

PM @Novelship, Ex-Shopee

> Launched #11 Shopping Category -Novelship App (4.9 Stars)

> Based in Singapore

> Cross Platform Design (Mobile Web, Desktop Web, Mobile App) 

> User Experience Centric

> Data Driven
> Leads Cross Border Product Development in English/Mandarin

Personal Bio

Goal:  To craft delightful product experiences that solve key user/business problems

and build emotional connection and relationship with users. 

Since young, I have always been curious about how things work in my everyday life. This started young when I was 6, when I was first introduced to video games- World of Warcraft. I would frequently stay up late playing and analyze all the reasons why I was so captivated by this gaming experience. Little did I know that this curiosity and way of analytical thinking would set me on a path to product management and design thinking.


As a product manager with an duo academic background in business and tech, I am a ‘translator/polyglot’ capable of speaking the language of business, tech, and product. In the product life cycle, I am able to translate company strategy goals into product roadmap, translate business requirements into iterable tech and design feature deliverables,and most importantly I am always ready to ‘translate’ highly ambiguous problems into scalable and highly impactful product solutions.

Currently, as a Product Manager (Head of Product), I am leading a 10 person, distributed product team between Singapore, India to build Southeast Asia’s leading streetwear marketplace platform at a Series A startup, Novelship. Our platform connects buyers and sellers across geographies and provide them with the peace of mind to buy and sell authentic sneakers. Novelship is now a market leader in Singapore, Australia, Malaysia and present in over 8 countries with hundred thousands of happy customers.  In the span of 1 year, we launched 48 features covering merchant services, core buying/selling, payments, marketing, and localization.

Previously I was product manager at ShopeePay specializing in the promotions module where I built the mobile wallet's first promotion admin tool together with our remote tech team in Shenzhen, China.  This now supports Thailand, Vietnam ops staff to create all offline/online payment promotions since 2019. 

"In his role as Product Manager he was critical to achieving our ambitious growth goals by ensuring the platform was always positioned to quickly convert and funnel users towards our targets. To do this successfully, leading his team he implemented a variety of user and business oriented features that improved our overall conversion rates substantially while reducing our acquisition costs in the process. If you are looking for someone that can work autonomously, accountably, and seeks challenges, look no further. For companies seeking to scale quickly he is definitely the right choice. " 
​-Matthew Chadderdon [Head of Commercial @ Novelship] 


Featured Work: Novelship App
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Launched #11 Shopping Category -Novelship App (4.9/5.0 Stars)

as of July 2021, 150,000 Users


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